About us

In today’s dynamic and competitive world of business, more and more organizations whether small or large, are partnering with trusted organizations to help them with their Human Resource and people issues.

Our brand “The Foundation”, with Sensei-Human Capital Solutions, Sensei-Learning and Development and Savills being its primary units, not only bring trust but also expertise, experience and very importantly a burning desire to support and handhold you with your Human resource needs and people management.

We are well recognized & trusted for over a decade by more than 700 clients for providing extremely high levels of professionalism in the business of HR Consulting, Learning and Development and Talent Acquisition. ”The Foundation” was founded by senior industry veterans from the Consulting domain, IT, ITES & other industries as a response to the overwhelming need of the industry for experienced professionals in HR strategy and allied services.

The HR Consulting, Learning and Development and Talent acquisition practices at “The Foundation” bring to you a high quality of HR consulting services & Training interventions through best in class consultants and trainers. We use global best practices and rigorous execution support in all our engagements.

Our core values of unflinching integrity and a deep commitment to the business of our clients have distinguished us throughout the years and endeared us to many loyal customers.

The sole endeavour of “The foundation” being, to lay a strong base and foundation for people, organizations and businesses through the right talent, effective and customized strategies, process and support for seamless implementation of the same.

Our Strengths

  • Design and deployment of organization wide strategic initiatives for business transformation and growth.
  • Establishing organization wide training & development frameworks for growth and increasing productivity.
  • Extensive experience in Talent Acquisition, across diverse industries, sectors across all functions and levels.
  • Senior Management Experience: Our team has been on the management teams of several large organizations.
  • Hands On Approach: Implemented large training & transformation exercises with several organizations.
  • Our consultants are leadership coaches for CEOs and senior management staff.

Our Mission

  • To add value to corporates, institutions and individuals and help them grow.
  • Help groups & Individuals to realize their true potential & succeed in all facets of life.

Our Values

  • Trust
    We believe in establishing a long lasting relationship based on transparency & trust.
  • Integrity 
    We conduct our business activities with the highest levels of integrity and have zero tolerance to deceptive and misleading practices.
  • Respect
    We respect individuals, corporates, groups and the cultures and sensitivities attached to the same believing in their highest good.
  • Professionalism
    We abide by Professional Ethics at all times.
  • Compassion
    We believe that being human is a value & a virtue which is integral to human interaction.